International® LT® Series and RH™ Series models equipped with the International® A26 engine now include the capability to make remote, over-the-air (OTA) authorized engine calibration and programmable parameter updates.

Using the OnCommand® Connection portal, fleet managers can now quickly, easily and securely keep engines running at peak performance with remote updates – no matter where the truck is. Plus, programmable parameters like maximum driving and cruise speeds can now be set remotely, enhancing safety and fuel efficiency. All designed to help you increase Uptime and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your fleet.

After receiving a notification from International Truck that an update is available, the fleet manager initiates engine calibration and/or programmable parameter settings. Updates can be made on individual vehicles, vehicle groups, or an entire fleet

Updates are sent securely with multiple levels of encryption and through a cellular network to vehicle(s)

Driver is notified in vehicle cluster of pending update. Driver initiates calibration updates. Programmable parameter updates are auto-initiated

Leading the Way. Again
The OnCommand® Connection Advantage
Every vehicle equipped with OTA capability will also include two free years of OnCommand Connection. This powerful tool has proven to be indispensable for fleet managers and truck owners alike, with some customers seeing up to 80% reductions in vehicle failures requiring a tow and up to 30% reductions in unplanned repair costs.

Customizable Dashboard

Easily track real-time vehicle location data, vehicle health status, and more to stay fully informed on your fleet

Vehicle Health Reports

Detailed history and health information on every vehicle, including fault code history, engine status, fluid levels and more

Fault Code Action Plans (FCAPs)

Simple fault code descriptions, rating of fault severity and recommended actions to address the issue to help you prioritize which vehicles need repairs and keep your fleet running at peak performance


Allows fleets to set up designated areas and generate reports on which vehicles are inside and outside of those areas

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