International Truck and IC Bus are reinventing the approach to electric vehicles.  By introducing NEXT, a team of the most innovative minds, brought together to provide real-world electric fleet solutions. 

These are people who are able to go beyond theory because they have countless miles of real industry experience.  They know what it's like to be in the driver's seat.  It's why they’re in the Motor City…not Silicon Valley.  They’re not afraid of a little elbow grease if that’s what it takes to get the job done.

NEXT is a team that’s focused on always moving, driving forward, but also have the foresight to keep you and your business from driving into the unknown, enabling you to plug into the future of transport…without feeling the shock.  Electric fleets are inevitable, but you shouldn’t blindly adopt the technology because it’s the “Next Thing.”

NEXT is here to work with you, to make sure that when you plug into electric trucks, you plug into uptime.  You plug into the flow of ideas, and not plugging into a fly-by-night tech company.  You’re engaging the unrivaled network, experience and innovation of International Truck and IC Bus. 

NEXT eMobility Solutions – We’re here to drive electric fleets further


We’ll be there every step of the way.  Listening to your questions and helping you to determine if electric is right for you and how to get started: demoing routes, simulating your fleets EV requirements, advising on new funding opportunities, answering your questions on charging, infrastructure, operational plans and much more.


We’ll help you construct the right spec and electric integration for your application from the ground up; building you a fully integrated electric vehicle without retrofitting or doing a post-production modifications.  Our vehicles are configured and built within our own facilities, utilizing our scale and engineering quality.


We can answer your questions about which technology to use, how many chargers you need, where to place them and how often use need to charge based on your actual use case.  We can also help you with charging requirements, infrastructure partners, installations, and how to work with your local utility companies to ensure you have adequate power, pinpointing rate fluctuation by the time of day and discover how much power you use.


Our connecting solutions allow you to see the location of your vehicle and if it’s in need of a charge.  You will receive continuous and complete visibility of your vehicle, and communicate status via our integrated telematics solution.  Get battery charge levels and range based on actual use.  You can solve issues before they become a problem.  Proactively manage your maintenance and service.

Peak power: 474kW (645hp)

Continuous power: 300kW (402hp) 

Peak torque: 2850Nm (2102 ft-lbs.)

Continuous torque: 2100Nm (1549 ft-lbs.)


eMV Base:107 kWh

eMV Mid: 214 kWh 

eMV Max: 321 kWh*

 * Only applicable for certain chassis specs

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