Navistar N13
High Efficiency Revs Up Your Business

Class 7-8 Heavy-Duty Applications

1.2 Million Miles B10 Design Life

2 Years / Unlimited Miles Base Warranty

365-475 Horsepower

1250-1700 lb.-ft. of Torque

12.4 Liters Displacement

2,422 lbs. Dry Weight

Reliability & Durability

Compacted graphite iron (CGI) delivers higher strength and more fatigue resistance than traditional gray iron. Navistar has always used compacted graphite iron for the N13 crankcase.

Single overhead camshaft uses industry-leading assembled camshaft technology. This allows lobes to be produced from tool grade steel, delivering unsurpassed durability.

Single stage EGR cooler has been designed to maximize durability. The no fin design delivers consistent performance by preventing soot plugging. Stainless steel throughout the EGR cooler prevents corrosion. Laser welding delivers excellent thermal fatigue resistance.

2200 bar high pressure common rail fuel system precisely controls fuel atomization, with multiple injection technology. Smooth engine operation and clean combustion extend engine life.

Foamed wiring harnesses allow mounting brackets to be molded into the wiring harness. Bolts secure the wiring harnesses, delivering the most consistent routing and clipping of any wiring harness technology.

Polymer coated bearings are used on the crankshaft main journal bearings and connecting rod bearings. When oil pressure is low, such as while starting the engine, the coatings protect the engine from wear as oil pressure builds.

Fuel Efficiency

Efficient Combustion

  • High pressure common rail (HPCR) with multiple injection events precisely atomize fuel. Combustion efficiency is maximized. Low emissions reduce the frequency of after treatment active regenerations, further reducing fuel consumption.

Oil Cooler Bypass Thermostat

  • The integrated oil lubrication module includes a thermostat to regulate oil flow through the oil cooler. In cold conditions, oil bypasses the oil cooler allowing oil to reach operating temperature faster, reducing fuel consumption.


  • The N13 calibration is fully optimized for a balance between performance and fuel economy.
  • An optional down-speed rating operates the engine at lower RPM, reducing parasitic drag and pumping losses, improving fuel economy.
  • Optional programmable parameters such as road speed limiting and predictive cruise control, deliver further fuel savings.

Light Weight

    • Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) has significantly higher strength than traditional grey iron, allowing the crankcase to be cast thinner, while delivering the same stiffness and strength.
    • The aluminum flywheel housing delivers significant weight savings over cast iron.
    • The hollow camshaft moves material from the center to the outside, delivering the same stiffness with less weight.
    • Nylon valve covers deliver significant weight savings over aluminum.


Driver Experience

Quiet and Smooth

  • High pressure common rail (HPCR) with multiple injection events reduce combustion noise and vibration
  • The sculpted crankcase and oil pan designs reduce noise, as compared to flatter designs.
  • Fully ground gears transmit torque quietly and smoothly as compared to traditional shaved gears.
  • N13 calibration is optimized to deliver quiet and smooth engine operation.



HP Torque Governed High Idle

475 1700 @ 1000 2100 2200

430 1550 @ 1000 2100 2200

410 1450 @ 1000 2100 2200

390 1450 @ 1000 2100 2200

370 1350 @ 1000 2100 2200

365 1250 @ 1000 2100 2200

475 1700 @ 1000 1900 2200

450 1700 @ 1000 1900 2200

450 - DS 1550 / 1700 @ 1000 1900 2200

430 1550 @ 1000 1900 2200

430 1550 / 1700 @ 1000 1900 2200

410 1450 @ 1000 1900 2200

390 1450 @ 1000 1900 2200

370 1350 @ 1000 1900 2200




  • The breather, also known as a crankcase oil separator, removes oil from the crankcase gases. The centrifugal design does not require regular filter replacement, reducing service parts cost and time.

EGR Cooler

  • Single-stage EGR cooler has been designed for maximum uptime. The EGR cooler’s small size and its ability to leave the EGR valve in place during service make service easy.


  • A super cartridge service kit allows the turbocharger rotating assembly to be replaced while reusing the housings. Parts and labor cost are reduced significantly.

Fuel Doser

  • The fuel doser sprays fuel into the exhaust for active regenerations of the aftertreatment system. The fuel doser sprays air at the end of each use to prevent fuel from dribbling and coking on the tip.

Navistar N13 Specifications

  • Engine Type

    Diesel, 4-Cycle

  • Configuration

    Inline 6-Cylinder

  • Displacement

    12.4 L (758 cu. in.)

  • Bore & Stroke

    4.96 in. & 6.54 in. (126 mm & 166 mm)

  • Compression Ratio


  • Aspiration

    Dual Stage Turbochargers, Intercooler & Aftercooler

  • Fuel System

    2200 Bar High Pressure Common Rail

  • Engine Lubrication

    42 Quarts (40 L)

  • Total Engine Weight (Dry)

    2,413 lbs. (1,095 kg)

  • Dimensions

    L 59 in. x W 37 in. x H 49in. (L 150 cm x W 94 cm x H 125 cm)

  • Valves

    4 Valves Per Cylinder, Overhead Cam Actuated

  • B10 Design Life

    1,200,000 miles (1,931,000 km)

  • Change Engine Oil, Replace Oil Filter

    Up to 40,000 miles (64,000 km), extended drains possible with oil sampling and review

  • Replace Fuel Filter

    Same as Oil Filter or Every 12 months, Whichever Comes First

  • Clean Diesel Particulate Filter

    500,000 for mpg > or equal to 6.0, 350,000 for mpg < to 6.0

  • Add Extended Life Coolant (ELC) Extender

    300,000 miles (483,800 km) / 3 years / 6,000 hours

  • Replace Coolant

    600,000 miles (965,600 km) / 6 years / 12,000 hours

  • Replace DEF Filter

    300,000 miles

  • Adjust Valve Lash

    at 120,000 miles (193,100 km), at 300,000 miles (482,800 km), then every 300,000 miles (482,800 km)

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