Sustainability Frequently Asked Questions
Are you engaged in impact reduction programs and collaborations, such as SmartWay, Clean Cargo Working Group, or Future of Fuels? What progress are you making?

Yes, many of our vehicles are Smartway capable.  We also participate in the Department of Energy’s Better Plants program, which involves a pledge of a 25% energy use reduction over a ten year period and are currently at an improvement of approximately 17% over our baseline year.  See our entry at  We also participate in DOE’s research and development program SuperTruck, which aims for overall freight efficiency improvements in tractors, ultimately achieving an overall freight efficiency improvement of 104% over DOE’s comparison vehicle in our concept vehicle for the first phase of the program.  The reductions were the result of improvements in areas including weight, aerodynamics and energy demand.   We are currently working on the second phase of the SuperTruck program. 

Do you have a goal or commitment to reduce GHGs in your operations?
Our goals are primarily focused on and expressed in terms of energy reduction, as in the Better Plants commitment, which translates into GHG reduction.  See the Sustainability Reports for more details.  See
Do you have a code of conduct for your own workforce and other transport providers? How do you implement it?

Navistar does have a code of conduct and various corporate policies for its workforce.  It is implemented through regular training. 

How can we support you to make progress on sustainability?
We are always interested in dialogue with our customers and partners on sustainability.  In fact, questions like these help us build awareness of areas of interest for our partners.
In what ways are you working on environmental and social sustainability in the services you provide to our business?

For a full description of all of our efforts, see our Sustainability Report.  For your business, we feel the greatest contributions we make are likely making are through our efforts to achieve industry-leading fuel efficient vehicles.

How are you working to improve efficiency? Low-carbon fuels? Social risks?
Navistar is intensely focused on efficiency improvements, both in our products and our operations.  Our Sustainability Report contains an outline of these efforts.
Request a copy of their Sustainability Plan
See the link above. 
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